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What to Expect During Your Estate Planning Interview?

During your estate planning interview you will be completing your estate planning documents. Our estate planning attorneys, working through our software, will recommend the right documents (either a will or trust package) for you and your family.  Here is a helpful support article that explains the difference between a will and a trust. 

Prior to your appointment, please review the Appointment Guide that will be emailed to you. This guide will give you a preview of the questions you will be answering during your interview

In the estate planning interview,
  • You will be guided to complete a quick intake that allows our attorneys to make a recommendation of either a will or a revocable trust.
  • You will work with an estate plan specialist or your financial advisor to complete the estate plan in our software - naming beneficiaries, guardians, etc.
  • The attorney will review all the answers to your questions and approve the documents for creation then you pay for the plan with a credit or debit card.
  • You will then receive the estate plan binder in the mail, which will be ready for your signatures.