1. Executing and Funding

Uploading Your Signature Pages

Your documents must be signed and dated for them to be legally binding.  The process of dating and signing your documents is called executing your documents.  Many of the documents in your estate plan require your signature be notarized.  A few, like your Will, require your signature to be witnessed. To make this process as clear and efficient as possible, we generate a "signature page" for each document. These pages indicate whether a notary or witness is required.

It is imperative that you keep the original executed signature pages in a secure place that you can easily access. 

You will notice that each of your signature pages has a unique footer and QR code that matches the version of the documents you have created on the online platform.  It is important that you sign the signature page that matches the most recent version of the documents you have created online.

Once you have executed all the signature pages, scan and email them to docs@epnavigator.com.  Upon receipt of your scanned signature pages, the system reads the QR code, matches it to the corresponding version of the document online, and attaches the signature page to it.  Once this is completed, you have a digital version of your completed documents accessible online.

If for some reason you cannot scan and email your completed signature pages, please send a copy (DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS) to Estate Plan Support, 560 South 100 West, Suite 11, Provo, UT 84601, and we will upload your signature pages to your file.