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Things to Avoid When Executing Your Documents

Executing estate planning documents is not difficult, but it does require attention to detail. Documents must be executed correctly to avoid problems that may arise when you die. The following are guidelines to ensure that you execute your estate planning documents in a professional manner:

  • Do not let anything delay getting your completed estate planning documents executed. Time is of the essence. Nothing is more tragic than to have someone unexpectedly die with their estate-planning documents completed but not executed. 
    • Do not sign your documents if you are not in the presence of the notary or witnesses that need to see you sign.
    • Pay particular attention to Health Care Directives. The Health Care Directive has many items that need to be filled in before you sign the signature page.
    • Do not allow anyone named in the document or who is a legal heir to act as a witness on any document. Their status as a witness can be contested upon death.
    • Do not allow a minor to act as a witness on any document. Minors are not permitted by law to act as a witness.