What is a Specific Bequest?

A Specific Bequest is a gift of a specific asset.

A Specific Bequest is a gift of a specific asset such as a piece of real estate, a business, or a specific cash gift to an individual or an entity/charity.

Personal Items can be listed on the Personal Letter of Direction included in the Estate Planning Binder.

To create a specific bequest, say YES to the question: Are there any specific bequests you would like to make?

Specific bequest

The first option is to set up a charitable gift

Gifts to Charities

Charitable Gift Specifics

Next, you can add a specific bequest of cash, a personal belonging, a financial assets, or real property (real estate)

other specific bequests

IMPORTANT: Using the Other option allows you to add other types of specific bequests and additional criteria.  All "Other" specific bequests will trigger an attorney review.