Shipping Estate Plans

Shipping instructions and options for estate plans.

If needed: Update the shipping address in your Advisor Profile (see instructions below)

Once you complete an estate plan, you will set up shipping. You have the option of:

  • Selecting your office address
  • Using your clients mailing address
  • Adding a different address

Where ship docs

Next, indicate when you want the plan to be shipped

  • Ship Regular Shipping, 7-10 days
  • Choose Rush Shipping $100 fee, 2-3 day delivery
  • Select a ready to ship date
  • Hold indefinitely, when ready, add shipping date from your advisor portal

How ship docs

shipping detail


View shipping and tracking information

You can now view or update shipping status right from the clients profile

  • Add a ship date (if shipping was on hold)
  • View tracking information

advisor client screen

advisor shipping details

tracking number

Client Shipping Report

To access the Client Shipping Report, log into your Advisor Portal and click Client Shipping Report. Here you will see a list of your clients and their shipping status. You can search for shipping information by dates and statuses.

client shipping report

Update the shipping address in your Advisor Profile

To update your mailing address, log into your account and click on the hamburger menu (Top Right)

Hamburger Menu

Once you click on the hamburger menu, click on the profile link. This will take you to your advisor profile where you can view and update your address as needed.