What is the role of the Guardian?

The role of the guardian will essentially be the role you have now as a parent - caring for your children, acting in their best interests, and providing for them physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and culturally.

When considering who could take custody of your children, there are several questions to consider:

  • Are they willing to serve as the guardian of your children?

  • Do they have the maturity and stability to parent your children?

  • Do they have the time and energy to take on the task of raising your children?

  • Is their age or health a consideration?

  • Do they know and love (or at least care about) your children?

  • Do your children like them?

  • Will they love your children and provide the support, comfort, and nurture that your children will need?

  • Will they make it possible for your children to visit their grandparents or other relatives or close family friends?

  • How far away do they live?

  • Do they have room for your children, or will they need extra funds to allow them to add on or buy a larger house?

  • Are their values and financial lifestyle comparable to yours?

  • If your children are homeschooled, how will this be handled?

  • If your guardian choice is married, will they or their spouse have to quit work to take care of your children?

  • Do they share your religious beliefs and practices?