What healthcare documents are included in the Healthcare Power of Attorney?

The following documents are included with your Healthcare Power of Attorney

Along with your Healthcare Power of attorney, you will receive these important health care documents:
Living Will
You will receive a Living Will based on the state of your legal residence. A living will is a document that allows you to outline the care and medical procedures you approve of to attempt to preserve your life. It includes end-of-life care so you can control what happens to you when you are unable to speak for yourself.
Organ Donor Card
Allows you donate your organ to others in need when you die.
HIPAA Release Form
The HIPPA release form authorizes healthcare providers to provide the individual you named as the agent of your health care power of attorney access to your medical records so that they can adequately perform the job they are required to do on your behalf.
Intent to Return
For Medicaid to cover the expenses associated your long-term care, you are required to spend down your personal assets including your primary residence.  Your residence can be excluded from this if you formally declare that it is your intent to return to your primary residence if and when you become physically able to do.  (This document is only included if you own your own home.)
State Specific Health Care Directives - each state has its own health care directive.  State Specific Health Care Directives include the naming of health care agents (redundant with healthcare power of attorney), also includes outlining specific guidance to health care providers about your wishes about the type and level of terminal care you desire, DNR orders, whether or not you desire pain medication, nutrition, hydration, organ harvesting, etc.  These issues are more medical in nature than they are legal.  We provide the state specific form but feel that completing it should be done with the guidance of your medical professional not your legal or financial advisors.