Health Care Documents

Along with your Healthcare Power of attorney, you will receive the following health care documents:

Living Will

A living will is a document that allows you to outline the care and medical procedures you approve of to attempt to preserve your life. This includes end-of-life care, which ensures that you can control what happens to you when you cannot communicate for yourself. You will receive a living will that is designed to meet any and all requirements specific to your state of legal residence.

Organ Donor Card

Allows you to donate your organ to others in need when you die.

HIPAA Release Form

The HIPAA release form authorizes healthcare providers to provide your medical records to your health care power of attorney agent so that they can adequately perform the job they are required to do on your behalf.

Intent to Return

In order for Medicaid to cover the expenses associated with your long-term care, you are required to spend down your personal assets to below a particular dollar amount. Unfortunately,  the value of your primary residence is typically included in the initial valuation of your assets. However, your residence can be excluded from this if you formally declare that you intend to return to your primary residence if and when you become physically able to do. Note: This document is only included if you own your own home.

State Specific Health Care Directives

Each state has its own health care directive.  State Specific Health Care Directives include a space for you to name your health care agents (also known as healthcare power of attorney agents) and a section where you can outline specific guidance to health care providers about your wishes about the type and level of terminal care you desire. For example, this includes DNR orders, whether or not you desire pain medication, nutrition, hydration, organ harvesting, or other specific options.  We provide you with the state-specific forms, but we urge you to complete them with the guidance of your medical professional and loved ones instead of, or in addition to, your financial or legal advisors.