Accessing & Using Your Estate Planning Account

Below you will learn how to login into your dashboard, the elements of your dashboard, and the available features.

Access to your Dashboard

Your advisor can send you a system generated link to create your own username, password and 4-digit PIN for your account. Remember your selected PIN because you need it when you use the Forgot Password feature.


  1. Documents
  2. People
  3. Assets (Trust accounts only)


Based on the attorney recommendation, your estate planning documents will include either a Revocable Living Trust or a Last Will and Testament. Your plan also includes Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney. 

To print, email or amend your documents, hover over the Paper Icon and click Document Options. 


Within the People tab all the people you named in your estate plan are listed.  You can add or update contact information. You can also share view only access to the estate plan documents or your Schedule of Assets. 


A critical component of your Trust is your Schedule of Assets. It is important that you create and maintain your Schedule of Assets. This will allow your Successor Trustee to locate your assets, making it easier to distribute them to your beneficiaries. It also ensure no assets are lost during the settlement of your estate.

TIP: Keep this updated by refreshing changes to the list annually. 

Available Features

  1. Upload Your Signature Pages
  2. Amend your Estate Plan
  3. Share a View Only Copy of your Estate Plan Documents
  4. Update your Schedule of Assets
  5. Order a Deed to Retitle Real Property into your Trust

Upload Your Signature Pages

When you first log in, if they have not yet been uploaded you will be asked to upload your signed and executed signature pages.  TIP: You can upload all of your signature pages in one file!

Amend your Estate Plan

Have you had a life change - such as a change in marital status, state of residence, net worth, or a change to a beneficiary?  Amend your estate plan, by selecting the Document Options icon and selecting 

Order a Deed to Retitle Real Property into your Trust

Share a View Only Copy of your Estate Plan Documents

Use the People Tab, to invite those individuals named in your estate plan to create their own view only login to your documents.  If you have uploaded your signature pages, this gives them a fully executed digital copy of your important documents.

Update your Schedule of Assets

Use the Asset Tab, to keep track of all your assets so your Personal Representative or Successor Trustee knows what they are and where to start when it is time to gather them for distribution to beneficiaries.  This list can be printed or shared.  

Order a Deed to Retitle Real Property into your Trust

Use the Documents Tab to order a deed.  Simply, follow the prompts and be prepared to enter a credit card at the end.