Completing the Estate Plan

Learn to complete the Revocable Living Trust (The Will is very similar)

A step by step guide to completing a Living Trust.
Log into the estate plan portal and click Create New Client AccountEP Navigator_Create New Client-1

Complete the client's information and click Create Account


Click Create Account.
Continue by answering the following questions:
  • Date of birth and gender 
  • Marital / relationship status
  • Children outside this relationship
  • Assets over $2 mil not joint owned
  • Any other estate plan documents in place
  • Do you own real estate
  • Approx. value of all assets
Once you have completed the questions the state attorney will give you a recommend estate plan. Click Start My Estate PlanEstate Plan Recommendation

Click Get Started under Married (or single) Trust Package

Client Dashboard Get Started Trust-1

Confirm Client information and Click Next

Trust_Confirm Names Add Contact Information and Click NextTrust_Contact Information

Fill out the clients legal residence and Click NextTrust_Legal Residence

Indicate the Citizenship of each person and Click NextTrust_citizenship

Indicate if Sally and Joe have children together and Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio6822185918b659ffa90f559da86fd41cTrust_Have+Children

If yes, list out the children, whether or not they are deceased, and indicate if they are receiving federal or state aid for a disability, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio682229501a4e83a2db8cc0910197c01aTrust_Children

Indicate if either spouse has had a prior marriage. If so, list the name(s) of the prior spouse then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio6822373112e19b441e70accaa43a04caTrust_joe+prior+wife

Add detail about the prior marriage and indicate if they had children, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio6822394784a267092c845e8c59ff2de3Trust_Prior+Marriage+Joe

Indicate if either spouse had any children outside their marriage, if so, indicate whether or not they are deceased, and if they are receiving federal or state aid for a disability, then Click Next


Next, you will go through a series of questions around your beneficiaries. The answers to these questions will be used to create documents that accurately reflect your wishes.Truust_Up Next

Indicate if there are existing Living Trusts, then Click NextTrust_Existing

Indicate who you would like to serve as a Successor Trustee, and how you want them to serve, alone or as Co-Trustees, then Click NextTrust_Succssor Trustee

Indicate if there is anyone to be disinherited (previous spouses are automatically disinherited), then Click NextTrust_disinherite

Indicated who will inherit the personal property, and who the alternate beneficiary is for each, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio68397283d018f3d5e447b7329bc3a6e3Trust_beneficiaries+person+property

Indicate if there are specific bequests such as jewelry or family heirlooms, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio68397428800067850f404484ce3546ffTrust_Joint+specific+bequests

Detail the specific bequests, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio68397534579c732f4ead4fe23a176e13Trust_Joint+specific+bequests+details

Indicate who will inherit the balance of the joint estate, and who the alternate beneficiaries are, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio68397738cb178dedd9a4b618d3999344Trusts_Beneficiaries+for+the+balance

Indicate if either party has separate assets independent of each other, then Click NextTrust_Sally separte assets

Should something happen to all named beneficiaries, indicate who the ultimate beneficiaries should be and Click NextTrust_ultimate beneficiaries

Indicate if any beneficiaries owe money, and if so, if the amount should be forgiven or subtracted, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio684013327bd8c407073072e7f669a955Trust_Owe+you+money

Indicate if there should be age-based rules around distributions, this is for beneficiaries and alternate beneficiaries, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio684016353b1794dd5dea082118103ccaTrust_Age+based+distributions

If using age based distributions, indicate the age and percentage, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio68404213b392c5e3575bbc33f49d8a96Trust_age+based+details

Indicate if you'd like to hold assets in trust until certain behavioral conditions are met, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio6840447968fd1535e1f07dad9aae001dTrust_behavior+conditions

Indicate where you will sign your documents, then Click Nextdownloads.intercomcdn.comio684045846a707c03e41ed37e98e57932Trust_where+sign

Review the response summary and check the box indicating the accuracy of the information, then Click Next
Attorney Approval or Attorney Review
Once you have reviewed and checked the box for accuracy, you will see another message from the attorney with either an approval or a need for further review. 
Attorney Approval - Free to move forwarddownloads.intercomcdn.comio740169623aa7ff3b91fa1f8b0853f186Attorney+Approval

Attorney Review - Attorney review required before the trust can be completed. The attorney will communicate with the client and either allow them to continue in the portal, or outline next steps and costs.

Once your have completed the trust, financial power of attorney and healthcare power of attorney you will be prompted to make the payment of the estate plan. Once this is complete, the estate plan will be mailed to the address on file.
Giving Your Clients Access to the Online Estate Planning Documents
From your advisor account, click on the name of your client, then click on the blue Send Account Invitation button. This will send an invitation to the trust owner. downloads.intercomcdn.comio70391411b56ba3a03ed85dbacf23d68fTrust_Send+Invitation

To send an invitation to any of the other parties mentioned in the estate plan (Children, spouses, successor trustees, and beneficiaries), click on the name of your client, then click on the blue Go to Dashboard button. From the client dashboard, click the PEOPLE tab towards the top of the page. From there you can send or resend an email instructing the person on how to log into the estate planning portal.downloads.intercomcdn.comio703915636a2dcc62a20bcf8459076061Trust_Go+to+Dashboard

In the PEOPLE tab, you will see all of the people mentioned in the estate plan (Children, spouses, successor trustees, and beneficiaries). Check the box indicating you want to give access to the Trust Package and/or the Assets Package, then click the Blue Invite button.downloads.intercomcdn.comio70392302c759dc5007312c649a0c0097Trust_People+Share