Completing the Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Learn to complete the Healthcare Powers of Attorney Package

  1. To complete the healthcare powers of attorney, go to the dashboard and click "Get Started" under Healthcare Powers of Attorney Packages"
2. You will complete a healthcare power of attorney for each spouse. Complete each question:
  • Contact information
  • Legal residence
  • A patient in skilled nursing (Y/N)
  • Physically able to sign (Y/N)
Then indicate the person you want to act as your durable power of attorney for healthcare. The spouse and any other person added during the financial powers of attorney session will be in the drop down. They can select anyone from the drop down or add a new person.
3. Review and indicate health documents previously health documents signed

4. Indicate the state in which the documents will be signed.
5. Review the responses. Click on any field to correct information, then click back to summary.
6. Click next to prepare the documents.
7. Click in the checkbox to approve, then click "Next".

Review and approve healthcare

8. Click on the other spouses name to complete their Healthcare Powers of Attorney.Next Spouse Power of Attorney

9. Complete the Powers of Attorney for the second spouse, then click "Close"