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Client Shipping Report

Find where your client's estate plan is in the printing and shipping pipeline.

The Client Shipping Report can be found under the Advisor Partner tab of your portal on the right hand side.  All purchased plans for your login will be listed there. It takes us 7-10 business days to print and ship your plan out to you.  

Moving from left to right across the top of the report sample below:

Customer - your clients’ name

Package - type of estate plan

Purchase Date - the date it was paid for

Printed Date - the date we printed the plan

Shipping Status -  

  • HOLD - means it has been set to Hold and will not be prepared for shipping until the hold is removed. Keep ready to learn how to remove the hold.
  • READY TO SHIP - means it is in the process of being printed and shipped to you.
  • SHIPPED - means it has shipped. 

You can track the estate plan binder package by clicking on the client’s name in the report.  This will bring you to their account summary.  Scroll down until you see the Shipping Status accordion.

Here you will see that it Shipped, the address it was shipped to and a link to the actual tracking number. 

You can also remove a hold by setting a future date for this estate plan to be printed and shipped.  Please note that you need to enter a date at least 4 days in the future.