1. Advisors
  2. Using the Online Platform

Advisor Portal Functionality

What can an advisor do and see in the portal?

Start a new estate plan by clicking on Create a New Client 

In the List of Clients, you will be able to see

  • Client Name and Address
  • Portfolio Status: what documents are completed and ready to sign
  • Will/Trust Signatures: what documents have the corresponding signature page uploaded
  • Stakeholders: how many account invitations have been sent out
  • Promo Code: if a promo code was used
  • Created: date the client's documents was created
  • Modified: date the client's documents were modified

Click on the Client Name in the list and

  • View the client's profile
  • Send Account Invitation
  • Go to Dashboard
  • Refresh Documents
  • View Actual Documents 

Advisors can assist their clients with the following functions on the client dashboard:

Uploading their Signature Pages

Sharing Their Estate Plan

Completing their Schedule of Assets

Amending Their Estate Plan